Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sindh jagartaFounder & Leader Mr Dr Hameer Sindhi has stated that the basis of SJT’s manifesto and ideology is to serve the humanity, which is being provided in the form of JAGARTA KHIDMAT FORUM(JKF) irrespective of caste, color, creed, sex, sect and even religion. He was addressing a general workers meeting organised by the JKF. His address was heard simultaneously in Hyderabad, Karachi Noshero Feroze Sukkur, Sanghar, Nawabshah, Khairpur, Ghotki, Jacobabad, Larkana, , Badin, Dadu, Mirpukhas, Shikarpur and Thatta. The meeting JKF was also addressed by Deputy Convenor ZULIFIQAR ALI , the general workers meeting was held at JKF Centre in HYDERABAD where the JKF Trustees, all the Members of Coordination Committee, SJT s were also present. Shedding light on the welfare services of JKF Mr SINDHI said that when we commence our struggle in the form of WORLD SINDHI YOUTH ORGNAIZATION (WSYO) on 9 SEP 1991, we also established JKF Committee with a view to provide service to humanity, particularly to the needy, poor, orphans, widows, incapacitated and students irrespective of their caste, colour, language and even religion. Workers of the Movement used to collect voluntary donations and contributions and the institute of JKF used to help the poor and needy. Gradually, the welfare activities of JKF increased and to continue providing services on a broader spectrum JKF was transformed into JKF In case of any catastrophe, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, drought or other natural disasters, volunteers of JKF reach the far-flung and remote areas to help provide aid to the needy and affected people, to provide medical relief and assistance. Blood Bank and several welfare dispensaries in different areas of SINDH. Similarly, in Hyderabad, Medical Centre installed with modern equipments has been established. We continue to strive for establishing aid centers like Karachi and Hyderabad not only in all the cities and towns of Sindh but also throughout the country. Mr. SINDHI said that if following the example of indiscriminately serving the people set by the SJT, other political parties, instead of making tall claims, come forward and establish welfare institutes like JKF to practically help the people then more assistance and help can be offered to public. And if other political parties do not come forward then the people will be right in understanding that there is no truth or reality in their claims of serving the people. Mr SINDHI said that as a result of the medieval system and political culture prevalent in the country, the gulf between the poor and rich has widened and no practical steps have been taken to fill this gulf. A section of people in our country have no employment and facing starvation; whereas another section is very rich. The condition of middle class section of people is deteriorating with every passing day. Mr. SINDHI said that we didn’t waited to be in absolute power in the country to serve the people but in fact we started providing service to the people without discrimination on the basis of “help us to help them” and the mission continues for the past 15 years. Mr. SINDHI appealed to the philanthropist and affluent people of the country to visit the JKF and its centers to witness how this institute is providing welfare services and relief to the general public. He appealed to all the affluent people that if they donate generously towards the Ambulance and Hearse Service then we will establish welfare centers in the 70 zones of Sindh Province in the current year. Mr. SINDHI reminded that alongside providing welfare services to the poor and needy, the SJT is also struggling for the rights of poor and oppressed people, which is an open fact. He also said that the stance of SJT on water and NFC Award is incomparable in the history. Similarly, the SJT also raised its voice against the operation in BALOCHISTAN Mr SINDHI said that on the occasion of Eid, people dress their children in new clothes but the children of poor families are deprived of new clothes and the joy of Eid. Every year during Ramadan, the JKF offers help and assistance to such poor and needy families, widows, and orphans by distributing aid so these families can also join in Eid celebrations. Mr SINDHI appealed to the members of public and particularly to the affluent people to generously donate zakat, fitra, sadaqa and other contributions to JKF so as more and more aid and assistance can be offered to more and more needy families. He also stressed upon the workers and volunteers to accelerate their efforts for the collection of zakat, fitra and other voluntary contributions. He also strongly instructed all the volunteers and workers to refrain from using coercive means for the collection of zakat and fitra and happily accept whatever is offered willingly and voluntarily. Mr SINDHI advised INCHARGE DR JAN JKF to award medals and certificate to zones and sectors in recognition of their efforts in collecting zakat and fitra during Ramadan. He instructed all the volunteers and workers to be polite and courteous to the needy and poor people who are coming to JKF. He congratulated the participants in advance for the forthcoming holy month of Ramadan. He also paid glowing tributes to President, the office bearers, volunteers and workers for their hard work in JKF welfare activities

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